Under Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s leadership, a giant mission has been set up: The SOLAR MISSION OF INDIA.

The chief objective of this solar mission proposed by Modi is to install solar power plant of 100GW (GigaWatt) capacity by the year 2022. It was initially pronounced to be a 22 GW plant but recently it has been extended up to 100. For achieving this very target, it has been announced by the cabinet that they are spending good money of Rs. 15050 Crore as capital.


The dominance of this introduced mission can be analyzed by the very fact that even the ‘WORLD BANK’ has understood its importance and patted India’s shoulder for thinking this way. It has mentioned in one of its reports that the introduction of solar power like this, the one with cheaper conventional power will help in reducing the tariff impact on the distribution utilities.


Why and how?

Apparently, what has been proposed by the Indian government is to achieve the objective within 5 years whereas, a country like China has proposed to achieve the same but in double the years i.e. 10 years.

If India ends up in successfully attaining its goal, it can prove to be a game changer and take a step ahead of China. The way other the countries perceive India will totally turn the table and will help India achieving a bigger position there in the United Nations.

As of now, looking at the magnificence of the mission, it is being expected that the leading global solar companies will be attracted towards it like it did in Gujarat.

Mr. Modi has promised to provide electricity by the end of this decade to each and every house of the country. In order to fulfill the promise, a plant predominated by renewable energy resources of 250 GW capacity has already been installed.

This solar mission, if successful can help India reach heights as until now, none of the countries have been able to look at the solar energy as a 24/7 power supply. This will change entire India’s condition including the poorest of the villages by illuminating each and every house.

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