What is Wind Energy?

The wind is a form of air in motion. The speed of the wind is according to various factors. It may be geographical and sometimes other reasons too. This is harvested using wind turbines and converted to electricity. Wind turbines convert kinetic energy to mechanical power. When the wind turbine spins the energy produced using this motion is converted to electricity with the help of generators.

Wind energy is one of the safest energy resources like solar energy. Wind Energy is cheap and never pollute our earth. This is a renewable energy source and we will get it forever. This reliable energy source can produce a good amount of electricity.

Uses Of Wind Energy In Kerala

The geographical presence of Kerala helps to produce more wind electricity. We have hilly areas as well as land near the sea. The people living in the hilly areas are in a remote location and to provide electricity for them is a little bit risky. There we need to spend more money. But if we use wind turbines or wind farms they can access electricity easily.

In the case of people living near the sea will have the potential advantage by using wind energy. They can also collect electricity from tides. They will get power easily.

And at a more advanced level, we can use the hybrid power generation products like solar mill or power mill in other places. The solar mill or power mill can produce electricity from both sunlight and the wind. There will be small vertical wind turbines with a new and advanced design to produce electricity. The special design of wind turbines can increase the spinning speed and thus improve the energy production.

Possibilities Of Wind Energy

If proper planning and execution of windmills or wind turbines are done the power can be used in many ways. The uses of wind energy is really a vast topic. But there are some possibilities.

  • We can use wind energy to power our homes. Either we can use it to power garden lights or outdoor lights. And if we are opting hybrid renewable energy systems we can power an entire building or office or a company.
  • We can power the parks near to the sea. This way we can increase the earnings from sea tourism.
  • Using wind energy we can power transportation vehicles. This way we can reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
  • In some places pumping water using other modes of electricity is really expensive. There we can use wind energy to pump water.