Hybrid Energy Technologies In Kerala

‘Wind Voltz’ Tower Mill is used to provide power to telecommunication towers all over the place. The ‘Tower Mill’ is a great source of power to places where there is no connection to utility grid available. Efficient in harnessing the necessary power from the renewable energy resources such as the wind. ‘Wind Voltz’ Tower Mill would be the best solution for meeting energy requirements in remote areas where connection to a utility grid is difficult to come by.

Hybrid Energy Technologies – TowerMill One

Most flexible solution for retrofits & new construction

  • All in one micro-grid ready system.
  • Flexibility with wind, PV, PVT, and battery inversion.
  • Off-grid capability.
  • Deploys straight out of container.
  • Container converts to battery storage for the system.
  • Container acts as stabilizer for mounting and installation.
Hybrid Energy Technologies

Hybrid Energy Solutions – TowerMill XL

Lattice Tower Energy Solution

  • More Reliable, More Stable Power
  • Wind turbine units mounted ON Tower

    Wind Units width 1.52m
    1 or 2 units at each level

  • Higher unobstructed winds
  • Increased wind energy
  • Solar only on raised platform – 10-15m tall
  • Improved Security
  • No interference with Comm. equipment
  • Silent operation