Top 5 Major Green Energy Invention projects 2017

green energy invention project

Technology developments in this world are moving to an extra level than old days. The inventions take place are really helpful for the mankind. The green energy initiative helps the mankind to fight against the carbon footprint. Also, clean energy helps our mother nature.The top 5 invention projects in 2017 that help to produce clean green energy are discussed here.

Carbon Waste into Stone


carbon waste into stonecarbon wastes into stone is one of the major project in the top 5 green energy invention projects. Due to the increase in population and other reasons the carbon content is kept increasing. To reduce the carbon dioxide and other carbon related toxic pollutants an innovative idea is developed in Iceland. The project arbFix Project by Reykjavik Energy will bury the greenhouse gases with water in the deep underground. There the carbon will react with the volcanic basalt rocks and become mineralized without any leak. This process takes hardly 2 years time. This invention is clearly a clean energy and clean Earth based.

Creating Energy by Playing Games


creating energy by playing games

The next invention in the category of green energy is creating energy by playing games. This technology uses various games like football, skipping etc. In the future kids will also produce clean green energy. Companies like Uncharted Play is created some of these things for kids. In the football, there will be an energy converter which converts kinetic energy from the ball in motion and used for lighting lamps. Skipping ropes can also use like this.

Green Highways


green highway

The next invention of the year 2017 is the green highways. According to this project, we will create energy producing walkways and roads. That means we plant solar panels on the roads and collect the green energy. The upgrades of this invention are still working on. A two-year trial of a 1 km route is already underway in Normandy, France, which will soon give an indication if the dream could become a reality. The amount for producing the solar panels are comparatively high. But when the green highways become a reality there will be cost-effective energy production.

Creation of Green Fuel


creating of green fuel

The 4th invention in green energy production is the creation of green fuel. In the laboratory, researchers will recreate the photosynthesis process and will convert light energy to clean liquid fuel. This supermolecular system will imitate the nature in this process. Earlier projects were upon artificial leaves which can be dropped into the water and they can separate the water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Later this is used as fuel cells.


pay as you go


The last project is known as pay-as-you-go. This is used in Africa widely. According to this project, the people in the remote areas of Africa will get a small scale solar panel which can be used to light up multiple lights and a mobile phone and a radio according to a payment plan. People will take almost one year to complete the payment. This project aims to provide light and life for the poor people in Africa.