The impact of renewable energy is discussed by people all over the world. The fossil fuels which faces depletion is a non-renewable energy source. The increased use of fossil fuels is the cause of carbon emission, pollution, health issues etc.

The solar energy is the part of renewable energy. People slowly ready to accept the renewable energy for their day to day life. The solar energy is feasible and helps the family to reduce the carbon footprint. Let us discuss the top 10 benefits of solar energy here.

What is Solar Energy?

The solar energy is defined as the power produced from the sunlight. This energy is produced by using solar panels. The solar panels collect photons from sunlight. This will produce Direct Current. Then using an inverter DC will be converted to Alternating Current(AC). This electricity is given to the devices in our home. The excess electricity stored in batteries or given to the grid.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy comes under the category of renewable energy. So we will get electricity when there is the sun. The sun will never run out.
  • Solar energy will not produce pollution or increase the carbon footprint. Other non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels increase the carbon footprint to a hazardous level.
  • The amount of electricity produced by the sunlight is really huge. This can power the whole world easily.
  • The energy cost will be less. You can save your money.
  • The cost of solar energy will be less from year to year.
  • We will get subsidies from the Government to install solar panels in our home.
  • You can save your money from the first day onwards. And if you produce power to the grid you may get money also using the net metering facility.
  • Lowest Maintenance cost for solar panels. They will work for more than 25 years. The major maintenance is to clean the dust-covered over the solar panels.
  • Energy Independence and Energy Security are provided. You need not worry about power cuts and load shedding.
  • If you are living remotely the solar energy will help you to live happily.