Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy

Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy

Technology is spreading wide in this world. We can’t live without technology now. A report from global technology giant Apple clearly says that they are stepping into the Australia’s energy market soon. They are planning to take part in solar and wind-related projects in this year that is Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy. Their environmental boss Ms. Liss Jackson revealed this decision. Apple’s aim is to become 100 percent renewable in every aspect. They also plan to reduce the carbon footprint in Australia. Because they are facing the hard realities of carbon footprint. The carbon footprint can cause pollution, later it may turn to climate changes. Apple is the one of the technology firm in Australia who uses 100 percent renewable energy from retail energy market.

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According to their new decision, they will have a direct stake in an energy product. They are thinking not to invest in a new project on their own. This technology giant is looking for more opportunities to solve the carbon footprint issue. They will enter into a solar or wind-related project to convey the importance of renewable energy. Also, they can become a model to the other companies in this regard. In the United States, Apple needs to create their own company named Apple Energy to do the power purchasing agreement. According to the senior officials, they will make this agreement with California Flats solar farm to use the renewable energy in the headquarters of Apple. They can now be able to find other opportunities in green energy as a purchaser as well as in power generation. May be company can sell the excess power too.

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Their environmental boss Ms. Jackson was the administrator of Environment protection agency in the US. She was appointed by the President Barack Obama in 2009. This agency was looking for solutions to solve the greenhouse gas effects. After 2013, she joined with Apple company to help them on this issue. Apple also takes initiatives to tackle climate change all over the world. They also insist the suppliers use renewable energy. They also providing financial aids to their suppliers to purchase better green energy from retailers.

Apple’s iPhone needs almost 20000 parts and they are trying to build the iPhone from re useable or renewable products. They will have the largest LEED Platinum-certified building(new headquarters) in North America logo At the new corporate campus in the old Hewlett-Packard site will contain only 20 percent space for buildings and the rest space will have 9000 drought resistant trees. Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy and they will have 100 percent renewable energy in this Apple Park. The rooftop solar panels will be on the top of buildings as well as on the top of car parking. Also, biogas fuel cells will provide the power. Apple Park will be a “breathing building” with vanes to allow air to flow over water vanes to cool it down. You will feel that you are sitting outside even though you are inside of the building.