Solar Mill Distributors in Kerala

‘Wind Voltz’ has in its hands one of the world’s most efficient renewable energy generation device – the Solar Mill. The device is capable of extracting energy from both the wind and solar resources. ‘Wind Voltz’ Solar Mills are easy to mount on any structure. These high-quality devices are very easy-to-install and are environment-friendly. These devices operate silently without causing noises. Wind Voltz is one of the best solar mill distributors in Kerala.

The Solar Mill Distributors Kerala

  • Energy is produced from both sunlight and wind in the daytime.
  • Energy is produced from the wind for 24 hours.
  • Energy is available even if there are clouds.
  • More energy on sunny days due to the cooling effect on solar panels by the wind.
  • Standing at about 1 meter height, SolarMill meets building code requirements.
  • SolarMill harvests energy from the Sun & the Wind simultaneously and also independently.

SolarMill Hybrid Energy Solution

  • 3 Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines coupled to 3 permanent magnet generators.
  • Automatic Mechanical Braking.
  • On-Board “Smart” Electronics include dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and connectivity.
  • Multiple Unit Interconnects.
  • Easy Connection On-Grid and Off-Grid.
  • No complicated masts, guy wires, or towers.

Advantages of SolarMill

  • Easy to mount on any rooftop with no complicated masts, guy wires, or towers.
  • Simple ballasted installation that avoids roof penetration.
  • Higher power density per square foot.
  • Scalable power generation.
  • Environment-friendly and silent operation.
  • Mechanical braking at high-speed winds beyond 18 m/s.
  • Increases the battery life & minimizes the battery storage capacity.