The SD College Alappuzha set up a solar power plant in their college. This is stated as the first fully solar-powered educational institution in Alappuzha. This solar power plant has a capacity of 40KW. This grid-connected solar plant is completed now. Becoming the first solar powered college in Alappuzha they are giving a new spark to the other educational institutions in Kerala. This plant can provide 4000 to 5000 units of power per month. This is actually more than the required power. The college has the power requirement of 3500 units per month. KSEB will pay the amount of excess electricity that sold by the college annually.

The First Solar Powered College In Alappuzha

The Sanatana Dharma College is a part of Sanatana Dharma Vidyasala. The SD College comes from the University of Kerala. They got A+ NACC Accreditation. Now this institution becomes self-reliant in power generation. This is the first aided college in the district which is using 100% renewable energy to power the institution. The cost of this whole solar plant is around Rs. 25 Lakhs and 10 Lakh rupees was the subsidy from ANERT. Orb Energy Pvt. Ltd Banglore help the college to install the solar panels. They have installed around 130 solar panels. Each panel has a capacity of 30 W electricity.

This environment-friendly solar plant is useful for the college. This will reduce the electricity bills. And it gives the students a good message. They will now understand the benefits of solar energy from their institution. The commissioning of this solar plant is planned on November 20th, 2017. This solar plant will be switched on by G Sudhakaran (Hon’ble Minister for Public works & Registration) and the power transfer to KSEB will be done by K.C Venugopal (Hon’ble Member of Parliament).