The Periyar Tiger Reserve (PTR) is introducing solar-powered electric auto rickshaws on a test basis. Solar rickshaws will be used for shuttling the tourists to and fro between Thekkady check post and the boat cruise spot. This will be almost 3 kilometers distance. The aim of this solar powered auto rickshaws is to reduce the pollution level. The tourists are bringing their own vehicles which can provide more carbon monoxide.  Also, this decision will help to attract more tourists to the Tiger reserve. Currently, there are 5 buses under the PTR authorities to transfer the tourists from check post to the boating place. Solar rickshaws in periyar tiger reserve is very much helpful at a visiting time.

solar rickshaws in periyar tiger reserve

The auto rickshaws will work with a battery which is charged by using the solar panel joined on the top of the vehicle or in the waiting shed. These vehicles can cover 30KM before the recharge. The solar powered auto rickshaws will be a boon to the physically handicapped persons coming to visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve. If this plan works successfully the PTR authorities will buy more solar powered auto-rickshaws.

solar rickshaw in periyar tiger reserve

The cost of each auto rickshaw is around Rs. 188000. In this rickshaw, it will contain 4 passengers and the driver. This auto rickshaw will reduce the carbon monoxide emission considerably. In the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the boat cruise is open from 7 AM to 4 PM. The visitors will get a 2-hour journey in the lake. The boats are controlled and handled by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and the forest department. By using solar rickshaws reduce the use of fossil fuels and they are Eco-friendly in nature. It is good to travel people in solar rickshaws in low cost and in safe. Tourist’s can avoid own vehicles to travel across in PTR by using solar rickshaws and it’s give more comfort in there holidays. Solar rickshaws transfer the  tourist’s from check post to boating spot.

Advantages of solar rickshaws

  1. Can reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  2. Reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in environment.
  3. Saving of lots of energy.
  4. Eco friendly in nature.