KSEB Solar Power Projects-KSEBThe introduction of KSEB Solar power projects

The Kerala State Electricity Board introduced KSEB Solar power projects as part of the renewable energy projects. It was introduced for exploring and optimally developing renewable energy resources in the State and to meet the electricity demand in future and to save electrical energy . The solar power is the cheapest form of electricity production.

KSEB Solar Power Projects-Solar plantsThe state of Kerala is adopting a new culture by implementing non-conventional energy sources KSEB Solar Power Projects was introduced as a part of it. The solar energy generation in the state is growing at a promising rate in the past couple of years. People are connecting the domestic as well as commercial solar power plants to the KSEB’s grid. This practice got an increase of 100% in this year.

The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) also started to generate solar electricity from their own solar plant. The total power generated from the solar plants is equivalent to 90MW. Last year this was only 10MW. According to the KSEB records the number of connections to the grid was 200 last year and now in August 2017 it is 490. The KSEB has another cell named Renewable Energy and Energy Saving (REES) cell for maintaining these records.

Now the volume of power generated from the grid is around 6.9MW. The aggregate capacity of the solar plants of KSEB is 269MW. The new solar park is commissioned at the Ambalathara in Kasargod district has a capacity of 50MW. The total capacity of the park is 200MW. The KSEB is also planning for another 200MW solar plant in the Kasargod district.

according to the KSEB’s records, most of the individual solar plants are coming from Ernakulam and Thrissur. In Ernakulam average 5 customers in each section has the solar grid connectivity. This increase is because of the lowest cost of the solar plant. Within 3 years the cost of solar panels and other devices will reduce by 20 percent and then people will adopt solar energy. The more power requirement is for the domestic customers.

Advantages of KSEB Solar power projects

The offices, educational institutions, and hospitals are the top categories who adopted KSEB solar power projects for power. The tariff for a commercial consumer is around Rs 7 – 9 per unit. But the domestic consumer needs to pay only Rs 3 – 7. This change is the basic reason for adopting solar power by the commercial consumers. The power requirement of offices is only in the day time. By adopting solar power they just want to pay the meter rent only. 6 years ago the cost of installing a 2KW solar plant was around 5 Lakhs. But now it is reduced to 20 – 30%. There is also tax deduction regarding the accelerated depreciation for solar energy projects.