Hybrid Energy Power System – Mobile Mill

Hybrid Energy Power System

Mobile Mills are quick command centers powered by renewable energy for first responders. With a 60-second deployment time, the Mobile Mill from ‘Wind Voltz’ considerably reduces the time between onsite set-up and action. ‘Wind Voltz’ ‘Mobile Mill’ harnesses energy from renewable energy resources like the wind and solar resource, generator, and grid (whenever available). In order to reduce dependence on manpower. The ‘Mobile Mill’ makes use of a single operator system. Apart from emergency relief purposes, this fast and efficient device can be put to several other uses. Look for better hybrid energy storage system according to your budget on this website.

Mobile Energy Applications Disaster Management

  • Energy management prioritization
  • Automatic switching among up to 3 energy sources: renewables; generator; or grid (where available)
  • Seamless integration of wind, solar, fuel and energy storage systems.
  • Intelligent multisource power selection
  • Programmable “bias” systems provide continuous power availability
  • Single operator system to reduce manpower dependence