Largest floating solar plant in Kerala is waiting for the inauguration day. This floating solar plant is installed in Banasura Sagar reservoir in Wayanad. This project is the largest floating solar plant in India. Kerala Government is trying to adopt new methods for power management in Kerala. This massive floating solar plant will produce 100KW power. The area covered by this solar plant is equivalent to 6000 Square meters.

Largest Floating Solar Plant In Kerala

Details Of Largest Floating Solar Plant In Kerala

This project took almost 2 years and the total cost of this project is around 9.25 crores. The photovoltaic panels are kept on the 18 floating platforms which are made of ferrocement floaters.

The installed solar plant will inaugurate soon. This huge solar floating plant can produce 7.5 Lakh units of power annually. This power is given to the nearby areas using underwater cables.

The solar panels used for this project are highly efficient and follows the regulations of KSEB. There will be a floating substation in the reservoir to convert the output to 11KV. The solar panels can produce more energy due to the fluctuating effect of the water bodies. The dust deposited on the panels are less compared to other solar panels kept on the ground. This will also help to produce more electricity.

The Kochin Port Trust has also installed a 100KW solar plant in the Willingdon Island. To read about this News follow the below link.

100 kW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust