solar consultancy

The Kozhikode IIM(Indian Institute Of Management) recommended Kerala’s Distribution Company(Discom) to start a solar consultancy division under KSEB. The IIMK conducted a study to enhance the service quality and organizational effectiveness in the year 2014. The further studies demanded this recommendation.

The Renewable Energy And Energy Savings (REES) department requires a renovation now. They are responsible for the solar and wind projects in Kerala. The IIMK also proposes to add a consultant wing and to shift the renewable energy department under another operations wing. There is a gradual increase in the interest of people regarding solar energy projects. So to conduct the site surveys, grid integration and other processes need more human power.

The KSEB has the good strength in the area of transmission infrastructure design and grid integration. So that many  consultants are ready to associate KSEB as technical partners. The office can handle various roles like owner engineers, advisory committee or a quality auditing. Thus KSEB can focus on designing with minimum cost and without compromising the quality.

According to the report, it states that there need to have more operation oriented departments. With the help of solar consultancy, the KSEB authorities can work easily. The power producers will get great help from the KSEB. The feasibility study of solar projects takes a lot of time. The feasibility study includes load flow analysis, in which they want to study how this solar plant can be integrated to the substation. If conducting feasibility study is done by consultancies then it won’t take too much time. The solar industry in Kerala can be more flourished if these recommendations are done properly. By the end of 2022, there will be at least one solar panel on every roof in Kerala.

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