AB InBev’s Brewery in the temple town of T Narasipura, 45 minutes away from Mysuru will brew Budweiser from 100% renewable energy.The factory stands out amidst the endless greenery of T Narasipura, a quiet temple town in Mysuru district of Karnataka, where Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev), the Belgian-Brazilian company and world’s biggest beer producer, have set up the brewery on a 64 acre plot.

Unlike the 9 other breweries owned by AB InBev in India, the SPR brewery in T Narasipura is one-of-its kind in the country. The one-year-old brewery which had been running on conventional energy, has been transformed entirely into a state-of-the art solar powered unit in 2018, a big achievement in terms of making new inroads into carbon reduction in the country. And it does not end here. The company, as part of its sustainability initiatives, has promised that every Budweiser in India will be brewed on 100% renewable electricity. And T Narasipura has become the ground zero from which this initiative will spread out.

The brewery is one among 17 units operated (10 owned and 7 on contract basis) by AB InBev in India and the fourth brewery producing Budweiser in the country. Apart from Bud, the beer giant produces several brands including Corona, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Beck’s Ice. Two years ago, the company also purchased SabMiller, with a 100 million-dollar deal and now produces Fosters, Knockout, Haywards 5000, Haywards 10000 among others.

How T Narasipura’s Brewery turned green

The company entered into a power purchase agreement with Canadian renewable energy firm AMP and promised to buy 3.6 gigawatt hours per year for ten years for the Narasipura brewery. With this agreement, the brewery is set to become AB InBev’s third unit in the world to turn green. While, two others located in the USA function on 100% renewable energy, the Karnataka unit too will turn fully green by 2025. But for now, all the Budweisers in this brewery which produces Knockout and Beck’s Ice as well, will be brewed on 100% renewable energy.

On why Karnataka’s SPR was chosen out of the company’s several other owned units in India, Gagandeep Sethi, Director of Supply and Logistic for AB InBev, India said, “The Narasipura brewery fared the best when we conducted a test study for setting up an off-site solar power field. The test was done in August last year and we decided to turn this unit green as it would produce the best impact where we could maximise the potential,”