Importance Of Renewable Energy In India

The wind, solar, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, and Biomass are treated as the renewable energy sources. Each of them has its own cost and benefits. The importance of renewable energy is discussed here. In India, we are depending on hydroelectricity to power our homes. We constantly need to worry about the water levels in the reservoirs. And if when the rainfall is low we need to suffer the power cuts. This is the perfect time to discuss the importance of renewable energy.

Renewable Energy Never Pollutes The Environment

The human population is increasing every year. And the human activities increase the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere. The fossil fuels which is a part of the non-renewable energy is the villain in this scene. The pollutants increase the heat and there is a condition called global warming is takes place. So to live here on this planet we need to control the pollution.

The renewable energy is one of the safest energy producers in the world. They give perfectly clean energy for us. They never pollute the environment. When we use the more renewable energy it will reduce the carbon footprint. If we can reduce the carbon emission then slowly our planet can reduce the global warming.

Improve The Quality Of Environment

The air pollution is the reason for lung diseases. The fossil fuels after the combustion form gases that are really hazardous for us. When we can reduce the air pollution then the health care costs also reduces. The wind and solar energy never pollute the water streams. But the coal mining and the natural gas resources will pollute the water. Also, the hydroelectricity powered from dams may seriously damage the vegetation. In India, most dams are associated with deep forests.

Inexhaustible Energy Supply

Our living environment requires an uninterrupted power supply. The fossil fuels can end at any moment. We can’t reproduce the fossil fuels. But the renewable energy will never exhaust. The solar power and wind energy can produce electricity for the entire country.

Monetary Benefits Of Renewable Energy

Monetary Benefits Of Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector can produce more job opportunities in our country. This will improve the life of people. The on grid solar plants will have net metering and if we sell the power we will get money. When we use the renewable energy we can reduce the power bills. We can use the renewable energy parallel to other energy sources. Using renewable energy will make the energy prices stable. Now the rates of renewable energy are a little bit higher. When it becomes common the rates will be less. The return on investment in installing solar plants or hybrid renewable energy systems in our homes are higher.