Solar Panels In School

The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) suggested the Organization set up for solar panels in school to produce solar energy. The CBSE took this decision because this era follows the non-conventional energy. And the children should learn about solar energy and other renewable energy sources from the live examples. The schools should give proper guidance for the students about the renewable energy sources.

solar panel

In India, currently, solar energy is produced by using solar panels. This is a step towards the use of clean energy by protecting the environment. Now a days the commercial premises and government offices started using solar energy. The schools or educational institutions use more power than other places. And the power is generated using the non-renewable resources and it will produce environmental pollution. And for the power backup schools installs heavy duty generators and it will run on diesel and this will increase the air pollution.

National Solar Mission

The Indian government has initiated the National Solar Mission, to control the air pollution created by the fossil fuels. They also discourage the use of fossil fuels. So CBSE takes the decision to follow the national policy. They requested the affiliated schools to install solar panels on the rooftops or the vacant areas of campus to meet the power needs and as well as the power back up.

solar panels in school

This decision will help the students to aware the benefits of using solar energy and other renewable energy sources. This awareness will help the government to easily accomplish the solar mission. The use of solar energy will reduce the electricity bills. It also helps the schools to sell the excess power to the grid according to the government policy. This will also contribute financial stability for the affiliated schools. That is why CBSE is taking maximum measures to promote solar energy in schools.

The reaction about this circular by Principal Fr John Erniakulathil (St Philomena’s Public School and Junior College, Elanji) was that the CBSE should arrange the best agencies for the installation and maintenance of the solar panels. The experience of other people shows that they were cheated by some agencies. Also, the agencies should have the responsibility to secure the subsidies from the Central Government for such projects. He also points out that schools are the ideal location for implementing rooftop solar panel systems for power generation. The subsidy for the solar panel installation must be incremented. Then only the small and medium schools can complete this initiative. Also, this will guide the students and parents to a better world with a clean environment.