How Green Energy Will Help To Slow Nuclear Proliferation

The risks of climate change are really hard. Climate based problems like drought, flooding, and migration causes political instability in some places. The climate related energy policies also threatening the US firms who are trying to make a deal with the green energy manufacturers in Europe and China.

Here the renewable energy offers a great benefit to mankind. As e know that to overcome the energy consumption in the world the authorities are planning for nuclear reactors where power is generated. But this nuclear energy is harmful when it is used to make nuclear weapons. So using more renewable energy can help to reduce the hazardous effect of nuclear energy. Thus it will avoid disastrous ambitions too.

If there is a nuclear reactor is build we can’t say whether it is used for civilians energy crisis or it will use as military nuclear programs. It is really easy for a country to create nuclear bombs if there is a nuclear reactor with enough uranium and plutonium. It is to be noted that some countries are making nuclear weapons behind this reactors. After the making of the first atomic bomb in 1952, most of the countries started their military programs behind the mask of peaceful nuclear power.

We can’t clearly identify the intentions from a countries actions regarding the nuclear weapons. The international nonproliferation regime is taking necessary actions to reduce the supply-side risks. It also regulates dual-use goods and technologies & helps to identify secret nuclear weapons development. Even though there are some regulations in buying and selling of nuclear materials the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials are still goes on.

But the renewable energy sources like wind, solar, tides etc can be used as an alternative for nuclear power. They are cost effective too. So that the secret nuclear weapon making in the nuclear reactors can be reduced. If any country is using the nuclear power to produce electricity without thinking about renewable energy sources, then they are looking for a mask to hide their nuclear weapons. Even the countries in the Middle East is also using solar power to produce electricity. They are rich with fossil fuels that we must understand. This cost effective renewable  can be used as a weapon against nuclear proliferation.

The US agencies made a promotion of non-nuclear energy in its nonproliferation policy. The nuclear nonproliferation act will make the US help other nations to meet their energy needs through non-nuclear technologies. The Tesla Power wall, residential solar financing named SolarCity are focusing on this act.

The US government is giving economic and military support for nonproliferation. During the cold war period nuclear cooperation programs like “Atoms for Peace” was acted as a nonproliferation strategy. If there is more investment in green energy that would create effective energy storage systems with lower price tags. The green energy initiatives will be a solution for nuclear proliferation.