Energy Conservation Tips

The summer season is coming and we are living in a country where power crisis is high. Last few years we got a very little rain which is not sufficient for producing electricity. Our governments are busily providing various regulations and promoting renewable energy in our country. But the cost of renewable energy production is a little bit higher in the initial stage and people can’t afford it. A high-level planning is required to educate the local and remote people about the renewable energy. At this stage, we would like to share some energy conservation tips.

Energy Conservation To Save Our Planet

The term energy conservation is related to conserve the energy mainly electricity. By conserving energy we can reduce the power bills as well as we can avoid power cuts. At the same time, we will provide energy for everyone. The energy conservation is also discussing a key problem that we would address in the coming years. It is the scarcity of fossil fuels.

As per India, we are paying a huge amount for petrol and diesel in the last few months. According to this trend, we need to pay more cash to buy the fossil fuels. The scientists already warned us about the depletion of fossil fuels within 30 to 40 years. In this flow, we have only one option. Find out the various energy conservation methods and apply it.

Energy Conservation Tips For Home

Service Your Air Conditioners

In the summer as per the climatic variations, we will have to suffer the high heat. The weather will be sunny and hot. And for the last few months, our air conditioners were not working due to the good weather. So we need to check the air conditioners properly. We can accept the help of a technician to clean the air conditioner. And if you are going to buy a new one please select it according to the energy stars. If it has more energy rating stars then it will save the power. And switch off the air conditioner if you are not using at the moment.

Invite More Fresh Air & Light By Opening The Windows

You can open the windows to ensure good light in the room. by this, you can avoid switching on the lights. Also opening windows will provide more fresh air for you. If the weather is a little bit mild you will get some cool air. Opening the windows in the morning time will pump good air and sunlight. In the evenings opening the windows may result in mosquito attacks. So you can add mosquito nets to the window and then you can open the windows. This will save you from mosquitos and will provide air passage in your home. If there is heavy sunlight you can use the blinds or curtains to reduce the heat in the room.

Seal The Ducts

If there are small ducts in the corner of your window or door this will take the cool air in the room. You need to seal these ducts to save the money. These small holes also invite some small creatures like lizards or rats or mosquitos to your home. Seal them properly if you are using air conditioners in your room.

Use Exhaust Fans In Bathrooms

The exhaust fans can suck the hot air outside. If you use exhaust fans in the kitchen as well as bathrooms this will take away the hot air and fills the cool air in the room. On a sunny day use exhaust fans to pull out the heat from your home.

Energy Conservation Tips For Home

Additional Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency

Change Your Habits To Save Power

Please switch off the electronic appliances if you are not using. People often forget to switch off fans and lights when they leave the room. And in office people think that it is not my duty. Some people may even don’t shut done the computers in their office.

Understand The Power Requirements

Understand the power requirements for your home. Which appliance is requiring more power and it is consistently in use etc. In most homes the TV, Fridge is working for 24 hours. In the peak load time, you can turn off the fridge for few hours. This will not make your food bad. This will improve the energy efficiency. In some homes, the Television will work for 24 hours even no one is watching it. You can use energy conservation tips to grow your intimacy. Be with your family for a few hours. Chat with your loved ones and play with your kids. Just turn off your television and make some good moments with your family.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Select LED bulbs for home use. They are energy efficient and has a good working capacity. You need to choose the bulbs according to the power requirement. For bathroom the low power bulbs but for the living room, we need some good bulbs.