The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is planning to provide electric cars in the 3 major cities by the end of this year. This project aims to increase the awareness of electric vehicles and thus encourage the people to use electric vehicles to reduce the pollution. The authority is also planning to build Electric car service stations due the fact that electric vehicles are cheaper and good for the environment. The authority plans to provide 2 cars in Trivandrum and one car in Kochi and Calicut. The public can hire this electric car fro Rs 100/hour and can utilize a maximum of 4 hours journey.

Electric car service stations

Planning to add more Electric car service stations

To charge the electric cars KSEB is preparing electric charging points in Kerala.  Two charging stations are available in Trivandrum. They are in the KSEB head quarters at Pattom. In Kochi, one electric car charging station is proposed to be at GIS sub station at Marine Drive. In Kozhikode, the KSEB office will have one charging station. The authorities invited express of interest for establishing the four charging points. The state government granted the permission of four cars for this venture. They are also planning to add another charging point at the Technopark Campus in Trivandrum.

electric car

The electric vehicles are not new to Kerala. But the electric car service stations are rare,People are using electric scooters for almost a decade. But people are still confused about this technology. It may be due to the low number of electric vehicle charging stations. KSEB is promoting the renewable energy for the last few years. They have launched several solar and wind power projects in the state. But this is the for the first time KSEB is looking for the possibilities in electric vehicle section. Government believe that this could help the state to have more electric vehicles in the future. The state government will spend Rs. 1.71 crores for this electric car project in Kerala.

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