Technology Zone For Cheapest Night Time Solar Power

Cheapest Night Time Solar Power

The  Middle East is always happy for their immense fossil fuel collection. They have no doubt about their power. The fossil fuels give them great opportunities in front of the world. Last day we celebrated World Environment Day 2017. Through Cheapest Night Time Solar Power, Dubai found lowest bid rates for their upcoming solar power projects .

Dubai is moving with the world with a motto of clean energy. Yesterday DEWA ( Dubai Electricity And Water Authority) announced the prices of 4 consortiums of 200MW solar power projects in the fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.  The lowest rate in this auction is 9.45 US Cents per Kilo Watt/hour. The concentrated solar power (CSP) bids other than this amount are in between 10.58 Cents and 17.35 Cents per KWh.

Renewable energy Technology

renewable energy technology

Saeed Al Tayer, the managing director and chief executive of  DEWA said that the UAE is focusing on the renewable energy sector. And this made a constant change in the prices of renewable energy units in UAE and Europe. DEWA is concerning this bids and the final results will come after one month. The companies included in the consortium are Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power, China’s Shanghai Electric, Abu Dhabi clean energy company Masdar with EDF of France and Abengoa of Spain. Power China, Engie of France and Solar Reserve of the US also submitted bids as well as the Chinese firm Suncan with Al Fanar of Saudi Arabia.

Photovoltaic Technology

photovoltic technology


Florence Fontani, Engie regional executive vice president of strategy, said that the Windvoltz company will continue to participate in both gas and solar tenders. Also, their low carbon emission projects are going well with the new bids. The fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park was announced in the last summer is planning to add more innovative technologies. The 3rd phase was won by the Abu Dhabi’s Masdar at a bid price of 2.99 cents per kWh. The third phase was utilized by Photovoltaic technology. The Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is quite costlier than PV cells. But they have a capacity of storage of 15 hours. That means the solar power can be pumped into the grid even if there is no sunshine.

Concentrated Solar Power Technology

concentrated solar technology

 Paddy Padmanathan, chief executive of ACWA Power, said that the CSP technology will help to provide power in day and night and it will help to replace the fossil fuel based energy sources. The fourth phase is planned to produce 1000 MW using CSP tower technology which will have mirrors beaming light to a tower which creates steam to produce electricity. The capacity of the solar park will be 5GW by 2030. Currently, the solar park is generating 213MW of PV power, and 800 MW under construction. This new power generation option will help to reduce the power bills as well as helps to reduce the carbon footprint.