Solar Power Projects In India

Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India

Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India are available sufficiently. It’s a long time we are hearing about the solar power plants and conventional power generation policies. The fossil fuels were in the top list of our discussion points  in India. Now, They plans for cheaper solar power projects in India. And we are rethinking the installation of other conventional power supply methods. The coal industry is facing a great fall because of the low rate solar energy. The electricity provided by cheaper solar power projects in india reduced the power bills to a large extent.

The government initiated auctions in the sector of solar power generation reduced the cost of solar energy. Thus the coal industry can’t find a potential customer or they have burdened by the unsold coal. The situation here makes the customers rethink about signing the agreements of conventional power suppliers. A few years back talking about solar energy was suspicious. People won’t believe about solar power generation. But now since the rates are low people love to have it.

In the last month, a ultra-mega power project got a rejection in the state of Gujarat. Sujit Gulati, Gujarat’s additional chief secretary for energy and petrochemicals, didn’t approve the project. The Uttar Pradesh government just give up the idea of purchasing long-term power supply.

Even though the situation is like this India still needs a backup plan for coal and other non-renewable resources. Since India uses non-renewable sources and thermal power plants for the overall power generation, the companies still have a hope.

The NTPC Ltd along with Rattan India  is planning to install solar panels on the land for thermal projects. The NTPC is aiming to get 30 percent of energy from non-fossil fuels by the end of 2032. The Rajasthan government is happy to announce that they are willing to change from costlier fossil fuels to solar energy. They are arranging to change from fossil fuels to clean energy in order to a developed Rajasthan. Solar energy is now 50 percent cheaper than new coal power, according to solar research firm Bridge to India.

Cheaper  Solar Power Projects in India

Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India

“The national electricity policy says ” power distributors buy the most competitive electricity.” said Ashok Khurana, director general of  Power Producers.
Although solar energy becomes cheaper, the cost of coal power is rising in India. It’s becoming more costly to mine at home and faces tougher environmental regulations. Low demand is also an issue.

Even so, renewable energy production is expanding quickly in India. Solar capacity has grown fourfold since December 2014 to about 12 gigawatts and wind farms provide 32 gigawatts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seeking an  88 gigawatts of solar and 28 gigawatts more of wind  by 2022. And those projects are crowding coal out of the power market.

“When the renewable generation is available, thermal generation goes off the grid,” Said Ravindra Kumar Verma. He also said that the country doesn’t need any more coal-fired capacity beyond what exists or is already under construction.

Renewable Energy in India

cheaper solar power projects in india

  • India has the fifth largest power generation portfolio in the world and its current renewable energy contribution stands at 44.812 GW which includes 27.441 GW of Wind power and 8.062 GW of Solar power installed capacity in the country. (As on 31.07.2016).
  • Fourth largest installed capacity of wind power.
  • Third largest installed capacity of concentrated solar power (CSP)
  • Renewable energy contributes 14.7% of the total installed capacity in the country as on 31.07.2016.
  • Ambitious target of 175 GW of renewable power by 2022 which will include 100 GW of Solar power, 60 GW from wind power, 10 GW from biomass power and 5 GW from small hydro power.