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The solar projects done by Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd is focusing on providing clean energy with latest technologies. With the advancement of technology, the renewable energy sector got a new face. The hybrid renewable energy products from Wind Voltz are feasible and energy efficient. You will forget about the energy bills after the installation of these products. Wind Voltz is mainly distributing their products in Kerala. The solar projects are installed and maintained by Wind Voltz. Also, the necessary paper works for the KSEB sanction is also done.

Advantages Of On Grid Solar Power Systems In Kerala

The solar power system helps to provide power for your home. There are two types of power systems are available in India. One is the off grid solar power system and the other is on grid solar power system. Selecting the best solar power system is according to the power requirement. Let us discuss the [...]

Solar Thattukada In Green Kerala Expo 2017

The impact of solar energy in Kerala is different. We all heard about solar cars and solar autorickshaws. So what about "Solar Thattukada"? In Kerala, we all are found of thattukada food. If you wish to watch solar thattukada please visit Green Kerala Expo 2017, Bolgatty Event Centre in between October 24 to October 26. [...]

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Is Athirapilly Power Project Good or Not?- An Analysis

Athirapilly Power Project Athirapilly Power Project is a hydro electric power project, which was proposed by Kerala State Electricity Board. This project is done across the Chalakkudi river and through the Athirappilly waterfalls. All the nature lovers are against the project. It will harm the beauty of the waterfalls and will destroy acres of the [...]

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Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy

Technology Giant Apple Moves To Green Energy Technology is spreading wide in this world. We can't live without technology now. A report from global technology giant Apple clearly says that they are stepping into the Australia's energy market soon. They are planning to take part in solar and wind-related projects in this year that is [...]

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Why Temperature Increase Don’t Make Solar Power Rise?

There are so many myths about the solar power generation. This week California gets high heat and increase in temperature. But this time Sunny skies won't give much power to solar panels. Thus the question arises as, 'Why Temperature Increase Don't Affect Solar Power Rise!?'. This is because the solar power didn't get produced when Mercury rises. [...]

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Top 5 Major Green Energy Inventions 2017

  Top 5 Major Green Energy Invention projects 2017 Technology developments in this world are moving to an extra level than old days. The inventions take place are really helpful for the mankind. The green energy initiative helps the mankind to fight against the carbon footprint. Also, clean energy helps our mother nature.The top 5 [...]

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Large Cheapest Night Time Solar Power

Technology Zone For Cheapest Night Time Solar Power The  Middle East is always happy for their immense fossil fuel collection. They have no doubt about their power. The fossil fuels give them great opportunities in front of the world. Last day we celebrated World Environment Day 2017. Through Cheapest Night Time Solar Power, Dubai found [...]

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Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India

Solar Power Projects In India Cheaper Solar Power Projects In India are available sufficiently. It's a long time we are hearing about the solar power plants and conventional power generation policies. The fossil fuels were in the top list of our discussion points  in India. Now, They plans for cheaper solar power projects in India. [...]

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