Wind Solar Hybrid System Suppliers

Convert “Wind and Solar power”
to “Energy and Money.”

wind solar hybrid system suppliers in Kerala

Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd., – the authorized distributor of ‘ WindStream Technologies Inc.’ products- Solar Mill, Power Mill, Tower Mill & mobile Mill in Kerala- is committed to assuring customer satisfaction and bears no compromise on providing efficient, high-quality energy harvesting solutions. Our priorities include sourcing, stocking, delivery of the product to the site, its installation and commissioning and also obtaining the necessary approvals from KSEB for both online and offline systems of the Solar Mill products.

We pride in our excellent services rendered that have created an array of contented customers in these past years. Early discussions with the customers have helped us to evaluate the best practices for delivering our services in the most efficient, safe and profitable manner. Our products and services are tailor-made to ensure that they meet the requirements of each of our customers, and to us, each of these projects that we commit are given utmost priority. Our service, be it the products we deliver or their installations, we ensure that they stand for a long term and thus, assuring the best possible value to our customers.

Wind Voltz houses a team of engineers who are experts in the field. These engineers, with utmost care, develop each of our products starting from designing till installation. From residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects, Wind Voltz has already handled a number of projects.

Product Highlights

  • Harnesses up to 20-24 hr. power from the wind.
  • Roof mounted products that operate silently.
  • Lower electricity bills as they assure clean renewable energy for 24 hrs.
  • Products designed with a 25-year lifespan and 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Modular designs for products to fit-in all your needs.
  • Products are suitable for industrial, commercial or residential purposes.
  • Wind solar hybrid system suppliers in Kerala.