WindVoltz Energy Pvt. Ltd is the Authorized distributor for Solar Mill products in Kerala with proven commitment towards procuring high quality products at great value to our Customers. Our expertise include Sourcing, Stocking and delivery of Products to site, along with Installation, Commissioning and obtaining the necessary approvals from KSEB for Online & Offline renewable energy systems (Hybrid & Conventional Solar), Solar water heating systems, Batteries, Solar based street lights, Garden lights, Solar Day lighting solutions and Customized Solar solutions (Solar powered CCTV systems, Solar Fencing, Solarbased E- Vehicle charging stations, Solar powered petrol pumps, Car parking etc.).In keeping with the best interests of our customer, we engage them in early discussions to evaluate their specific requirements and propose various solutions for completing the job in the most efficient, safest and profitable manner possible. We create custom design for each project to maximize the efficiency and create the best possible value for our customers, and offer products with long term stability. We at WindVoltz Energy, have a full service design and engineering team, for design and installation of residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects.

1)SOLAR MILL –hybrid wind & solar

On/Off grid hybrid solar Power plants generate power from wind and solar. It is a long life,low maintenance & cost effective,green power source.
• 24 Hours Power Production Capability.
• Start generating power from as low as 2.5 m/s wind speed.
• SolarMills® harvest energy from the sun and wind simultaneously
and also independently.

2)Conventional Solar – Roof Top PV’s

Solar energy is the most readily available source of energy. It is the most important
of the non-conventional sources of energy, and because of its non-polluting nature
helps in reducing the greenhouse effect. We design and install solar systems
according to the usage and needs of our customers. We also offer on/off grid solutions
with MNRE approved products.

3) Hitze Solar Water Heater

WindVoltz’s Solar water heating systems satisfies heating requirements for all
family sizes, climatic conditions and building types. We have a well-trained
installation and service team to support our prestigious customers. We offer
both domestic as well as industrial models with capacity starting from 100 LPD
to higher ranges.

4)Solar Day lighting solutions

Solar day lighting solutions manages the interior lighting of the building
using natural sun light. Natural sun light supplemented with artificial lighting
can be automated based on the ambient light conditions.Thesesolutions
are appropriate for industrial manufacturing units, any other work
place and households.

5)Solar based street light and garden lights

WindVoltz’s Durable, Aesthetic – outdoor / indoor customized solar LED
Lighting solutions with automated features like dusk to dawn, dimming and
timer operation

6)Customized Solar solutions

WindVoltz can provide customized applications like solar powered
CCTV systems, Solar Fencing, Solar based E- Vehicle charging
stations solar powered petrol pumps and car parking facilities.


WindVoltz is the leading distributor of Solar, Inverter, UPS,
SMF and Dry Charge Batteries in Kerala.

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