The solar power system helps to provide power for your home. There are two types of power systems are available in India. One is the off grid solar power system and the other is on grid solar power system. Selecting the best solar power system is according to the power requirement. Let us discuss the advantages of on grid solar power systems through this article.

On Grid Solar Power System

The solar power system which is connected to the main power supply is called as the on grid solar power system. They are also known as grid-tie system or integrated system. Using this system will help you to get consist electricity. If your solar power system can’t provide the necessary electricity at certain times you will get power from the grid. And if your system produces more electricity you can give to the grid and will have monetary gains. Either this may calculate against the total electricity you took from the grid or through some incentive policy.

Off Grid Solar Power System

The off grid solar power system will not connect to the main grid. They need to have batteries to store the electricity produced by the solar power systems. The surplus energy is stored in this way to use them at night or cloudy days. To maintain the batteries and generators are really hard. We need to replace the batteries and need to maintain it properly. To extend the lifespan of off-grid power system we need to invest more.

Advantages Of On Grid Solar Power Systems

  • The on grid solar power systems will reduce the electricity bills. And provide you money if you can give power to the main grid.
  • This is an investment on return. If you invest in on grid solar power plat you will get returns for sure.
  • The lifespan of on grid solar power systems is more. You can use it for a long period without any damage.
  • This system will reduce the carbon footprint. Thus help our environment pollution free.
  • There is no need of expensive batteries to store the electricity.

In Kerala, KSEB supports the on grid solar power plants. This is because the total power consumption in our state is high. We need to hire power from nearby states. And sometimes we need to suffer powercut. By using on grid solar system we can improve the power backups in the state.