Solar Energy

Solar energy

The solar energy is produced from the radiations powered by the sun. On Earth, the sun is the best renewable energy source. In older times we believed that solar panels are highly expensive and inefficient. We know that to collect the solar energy we need use the solar panels. Since the advancement in technology help us to develop solar panels that are highly efficient. And the cost of solar panels is getting reduced day by day.There are many advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Now the demand for clean green energy is high. So the researchers are working hard to provide the best solar panels. Wind Voltz Energy Pvt. Ltd has the new and advanced solar panels. They are built into hybrid energy products. The hybrid renewable energy products from Wind Voltz are the Solar mill, Power mill, Tower Mill and Mobile Mill.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Major Advantages Of Solar Energy

At first, we can go through the major advantages of solar energy. Among all the renewable energy sources the solar energy is the most convenient energy source. We will get sunlight for almost 10 hours. The sunlight for 1 hour can produce the entire electricity for the world. But we are using just some fraction of it. As long as we have the sun that shines in the sky we will get solar energy. Unlike other energy sources like fossil fuels, the solar energy will never run out.

The second important thing is that using solar energy can reduce the electricity bills. This will depend on the solar system that you use in your home. you can use solar water heaters to reduce the electricity usage. If you can power the whole house using solar energy that will completely reduce the electricity bills. Or if you can provide excess electricity to the grid, this will give bonus amount to you.

Diverse Applications

The solar energy can be used in various ways. You can use it to heat the water or to clean the water. The solar energy can be used to clean water if there is a contaminated water supply. Or the solar panels are added with spaceships to power them. Latest technology implemented in the solar windows too!

Low Maintenance Costs

For solar panels, the maintenance is really low. You just need to whether they are clean. Usually, the dust will be removed if there is a rain. Other than that we need to check the inverter efficiency. Since the solar panels are kept still there will be no wear and tear. Most of the solar panel manufacturers provide warranty for 20 -25 years. So the return on investment will be high. And the maintenance cost will be low.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

For each and everything in this world will have good and bad features. For solar energy also there are some disadvantages. The first thing is the initial cost. To reap the good solar power we need to provide a huge amount of initial cost. This will be the cost of solar panels and the inverter. If you connect to the grid then you solar system can sell the electricity. Governments are currently providing subsidies for building solar power plants.

Second problem

It is the weather dependence of solar panels. We will get the solar energy in the daytime. In the night the solar panels can’t produce electricity. One solution to this problem is to implement the hybrid renewable energy products. They can produce electricity from both sunlight and the wind.

Third problem

It is the storage of solar electricity. The storage batteries are really expensive we need to change them in between a period of 5 to 6 years. If you don’t adopt the batteries option you can use the grid. This will provide you electricity if your system can’t produce electricity according to the requirement.

Fourth problem

It is the space for solar panels. If you need more solar energy you need to install more solar panels. To overcome this problem you can use solar mills or power mills. They are built in a special manner and they can harvest power from sunlight and the wind. The hybrid renewable energy systems are having more efficient than solar panels. These are some advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.There are many more advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.