100 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust

100 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust


The Cochin Port Trust(CPT) is planning for some revolutionary tasks in the matter of power management. They are planning for their second solar power plant with 100 KW capacity in their pump house at Willingdon Island.

100 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust-solar productAccording to a CPT official, the Cochin port trust is the only distribution agency to sell the energy to other businesses on the Island. When the use of solar energy is increased the CPT get a good reduction in the use of electricity provided by KSEB. So CPT is planning to add more solar plants in the next fiscal year.

There are two different kind of solar plants

  1. 150 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust.

    The first solar plant was commissioned in March 2017 which has a capacity of 150 KW. Per year CPT needs to buy 36 Million unit electricity from KSEB. This is used for the day to day functions of CPT as well as other firms in the Willingdon Island. The unit price of electricity is Rs 6.25. But the total need of CPT is just 6 Million unit of electricity.

  2. 100 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust. 

    The second solar plant produces energy for the motor pumps in the pump house and the rest of the electricity will be sent to the grid so that others can use it.The 100 KW Solar Power Plant By Cochin Port Trust was started in the March 2017 was constructed at a cost of around 1 crore. The new plant requires 85 Lakhs to complete. As per the KSERC regulations, every buyer licensees shall purchase renewable energy not less than a certain percentage of the total energy that buys from KSEB. So that CPT needs to generate 4 – 5 percent of renewable energy. In this 10 percent must be solar energy. They also promoting “Green Port” initiative by Union Government which consists of renewable energy generation.

The KERC gave strict instruction to generate 800MW of renewable energy by 2022. Also, KERC is insisting to install rooftop solar panels in homes to reduce the demand for hydro electric power in the future.

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